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Blanket I made for my Grand daughter and My Giveaway ending tomorrow!

Hello Dear Friends,                                                  

I have been missing from
Blogland for a few days
because I am finishing up
on some projects for my
new Grand daughter
Lucia. She was born
the day after Thanks
giving 2010. My hubby and
I are driving to N.J.
next week to see Lucia
my two Grandsons
and the rest of my family.

On the quilt you will
see four fabric hearts                                                 
I have also made for
Lucia. The biggest
one I embroidered
her name onto.
I use to embroider
quite a bit in my
youth but now
with my eye problems
I have difficulty. I wanted
to embroider her first
and middle name but
could only manage Lucia! What do you
think..does it look

The Fleece/Flannel
blanket I made was
so much fun to make.
I had some practice
a couple of years ago
as I had made some for
my two Grandsons.
I have to tell you
though, making
one in pink was
a delight....I love
pink very much!!

I also have a quilt
that needs some