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A Darling Vintage Jewelry Holder...

Hi Sweet Friends,

Hope all of you are having
a good week so far.
I have been doing a bit of
resting lately as I have a lot
of pain in my right hip. I have
Bursitis in the hip and if you
have ever experienced the
pain from bursitis you will
understand. Prolonged walking
makes it more painful. I did
have a cortisone shot in my
hip about 4 weeks ago but
it wore off quickly.

Ahh well enough about that!!

I am showing you something
that I bought at an estate sale
a while ago. It is a revolving/
tilting wooden picture frame,
which sits on a weighted stand
of rather hefty metal. The inner
frame that turns over was rather
wobbly.  I have had it on my work
table for awhile wondering how to
bring it to life once again. On the same
table I have a couple of baskets with
lovely doilies...and the thought came to me
to  incorporate the lace with this frame.
I used an automatic staple gun to attach
the doily, added some bits and bobs
and Viola'!!

I have placed it in my Antique booth now....

A Peek at Something Special....and Lets Talk!!

Hi Dear Friends,

First I want to share with you a
little peek at something I am
making as a gift to someone!!

I am making it in all their favorite
colors...something I think they
will really love!! :)

So what have all of you been up to?
I have so many talented followers
out there. Some are painters, some
embroider, some love to collage
with fabrics, others collage with
papers. Jewelry makers, journal
There are so many mediums out
there in the art communities that
my head goes dizzy with so much
to look at. For instance Pinterest!
I "Pin" I like pinning...but after awhile
my head is spinning with so many
pictures...I must stop!! There are
all forms of addictions as we know
and I find I am becoming addicted
to looking at so much lately...ughh
I must resist the Force...hahaha
I do not want or need to keep
looking! So I'm going to pare
down my time spent...looking
at stuff and just
my Nook books which I have
about four novels open and
only parti…

Help....I'm Addicted To Chalk Paint.........

Hi Sweeties!!!!

I hope your day is going well for you!!

So I have a new Love.....Chalk Paint!!!

Have your heard of Anni Sloan chalk
paint? Well I found some in one of
my favorite Antique malls. 
I became smitten immediately!
The fun part was you could buy
samples to try it out. I bought two is called Aubusson Blue
and the other is Chateau Grey.
The grey is not really a
reminds me of the Italian villas
that with time the grey turns
a bit green from moisture..
so lovely! 

The large silver plate tray was painted in both the blue and the grey.
I also added a stenciled bird in the middle using the Aubusson Blue.
Both the tray and the stand are sold together in my booth.

This little tray I found in
an estate sale,  it also
had  no chance of
escaping the chalk paint
I had also bought
this old fork at the estate sale
which was really really
I cleaned it up a bit and
thought it would go so well
with the tray....I curled the
fork tines and stuck a  cork
on i…

My "Sweet 200 Follower Giveaway Winner is Announced"!!!!!

Hi Sweet Friends,

Before Mom went to bed
and after her Birthday cake,
I had her pick the name of
the winner who won the

And so without further
ado.........Drum roll......



You have WON my 200 Follower
Giveaway!!! I am sooo Happy for
You!!! I will send your package
right out to you!!

Thank you to All of my dear Followers
for signing up for this giveaway!!

I wish I could send you ALL something
but I cannot!  I do wish All of you Love,
Happiness and Blessings from my heart
to your heart!!

Love To you All,


Happy 92nd. Birthday Mommy!!!!

Good Day Dear Friends,

Today is my Dear mothers
92nd. Birthday!! Yay!!

My Mom is a dear and sweet
person who to this day loves
to sing and chat about  her life
and times growing up. Her
favorite times were spent on
the farm in Connecticut with
her favorite aunt Millie.
Mom would feed the pigs,
and the chickens! Row a boat
in the lake in front of the farm
and help make brownies for her
boyfriend in WW2.

My mom is my best friend, my teacher
my confidant, my spiritual counsel.
My life is all the more richer, brighter
and happier with her here!
I thank God everyday for the gift
of having my Mother with me!

Tonight at midnight my 200 Follower
Giveaway ends!! I will announce
the "Winner" Tomorrow the 21st.

Love to All,


My "Sweet 200 Follower Give Away" is Ending Soon!!!

Hi Sweet Friends....

Just a little reminder that my
Give away is ending on the
20th. of February!!

If you have not signed up
for it yet please do!!!

Raining here to today and
so it is a nice day to create
something beautiful....and
have a cup of tea.

What are you doing today??

Whatever you have planned
for this day I wish you joy
and contentment.

Love and Blessings to All


The Blissful ATC Swap..."ALICE In WONDERLAND" Take a peek!!

Hi Sweet Friends....

Oh my oh my.....What an exciting
ATC Swap we had this month!!

The theme was "Alice in Wonderland"
for the month of February.

My partner Debra and I have exchanged
our ATC's so with out further
they are....

My swap buddy was Debra and her
awesome ATC she titled was
"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
She's Curious"! 
Debra Used fabric, ribbon and
hand sewing created a wonderful
work of art! Can you beleive
this is the first one she ever made!!
Thank you so much Debra!!

I decided to go way out of my comfort zone and make
what I call an inter-active ATC.   
I wanted to create a clock face that you could turn
and through the could view different scenes
that Alice would go through once she went "Down the Rabbit

I was so excited to give this to Debra...I wanted
her first ATC to be something really special!!

You can see here looking at the side view
how it looks.

I also made Debra a little accordian book that h…

                                         WITH LOVE TO ALL!!                                                       

picture from Pinterest

A Dry Sink Do Over!!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I tackled a new DIY project
last week and wanted to show
you what I had done.

I bought this cute little Dry Sink
a couple of weeks ago and thought
it would go well in my antiques booth.
This cute Dry Sink was "stark" white
and I felt it need some depth of character.

And soooo

 I bought a tube of heavy body Acrylic paint in a tube by Liquitex in Neutral Gray.
 I thought black would be too harsh a color...I think the gray worked out really well.

Using the heavy bodied
acrylic gave me some play
and flexibility where I wanted
the color to go. I also kept a damp
cloth close by if I did not like what
I did, I could just wipe it off and start

I lined the drawer as well with 
some cool vintage book pages
with Mod-Podge in Gloss/luster.

So her the little Dry Sink sits...waiting for someone to fall in love with it!!!
So my friends what have you been up to lately??

Don't forget my Giveaway is still going on till
the 20th of February.

Create something bea…


Hello Dear Friends...

Hope All of you are doing well
and happy today!!

I am very Happy to announce
my 200th. Follower
Sweet Giveaway
on this 7th. day of
February 2012!!

I never in my wildest dreams
thought "200" plus wonderful
folks would follow me...It
Boggles my mind and humbles
my soul.....I thank Each of You
for bringing Friendship, Love, Joy
and Happiness into my life. My life
is all the more Enriched and Blessed
with each of you in it!!!

So my Lovely Followers I would
like to offer you some items
that I thought you might like.

In honor of Valentines Day
coming up in a few days I
made a beautiful necklace
for YOU. I used one of my
favorite products "Glossy
Accents" to seal the picture
inside the frame..with a hint
of glitter...ohhh soo pretty!
The heart shaped box I painted
in a creamy white...used
some new fabric scrapbook
lining for the inside and added
some lace on the top with a
touch of glitter under the lace.
Accented by a gorgeous pink
flower, ha…

Antique Booth Heaven...And...200th Follower Giveaway Soon!

Hi Sweetie's....

I'm still living and breathing.....I think!!

I have not felt very well since I tweaked
the booth last weekend. I have a rather
delicate stomach and chills...ughh!!

I wanted to post my Giveaway this
week but I think I will post it next
week if you don't mind. I promise
you will love it!!!! :)

We rearranged the booth last weekend,
although it looks a bit bare....I have a new
piece of furniture to add to it but need to
do some de-stressing to it....poor thing is so!! :)

 I made a Valentine banner last week so added it to the table's too cute!!
 I have been selling a lot of my Bookmarks and candles, so need to make more of them as well!!

Since this picture was taken last Sunday someone bought the old vintage iron board
so who knows where the linens were tossed!! Lol

Well I am going to go back and lay down......Say a little prayer that
I am up and around real soon....ok?

Love and Blessings,