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A Secret Garden Display Purse...

Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you today
a special purse that I have been working
on if you can believe for a couple of
months now. It has been sitting on my
sewing table and I would keep going
back to it and adding bits and pieces
to it.
I have named it after my favorite
book " The Secret Garden". When
I was a young girl I read the Secret
Garden and a part of my life changed
forever when I finished reading it.
I remember while reading it that my
love of gardening all began. I could smell
the soil and the flowers as I read through
the pages and I dreamed of having my
very own garden someday.

I have made this purse for the love
of that wonderful story and the love
I found in gardening throughout my
life. I have made it to hang on a door
or a wall. I think it would be too pretty
to be anything else. Inside the purse
I think secret letters or poems or lists
of your favorite flowers you have grown
would be nice to tuck them in.

If you notice there is a little key...