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Prayers sent out to Japan...My two Stepsons in the Pacific Guam and Marshall Islands

Hello Dear Friends,

I know that we are all feeling such
pain and sadness for the people
of Japan.

I have been up since early this
morning watching the horrow
and tragedy unfolding for these
poor people.

Please join me in Prayer that
the people of Japan and other
countries that are affected
will be helped and kept
safe from all harm. I know
that many have lost their lives
and many ae injured. I pray
that these earthquakes will
end and that all can rebuild
their lives again.

We have two son's in the is in the
Navy and just recently
was sent to Guam.
Another son of ours
has been serving a mission
for two years in the Marshall
Islands and today is his last day.
He leaves for Hawaii tomorrow
and will be back in the mainland
soon. God Bless them!!

All people in the service have
have been accounted for and are safe.
The Marshall Islands will have a wave
surge of one foot.

May God watch over all of us
and keep us safe. May we never
forget our Father in Heaven
is always wit…