Friday, January 21, 2011

"Bonjour Madam"...A Funny Story!!!

Hello to All,

I am hoping your
Friday is going
well for you!!

I have been puttering
around my craft studio
and decided to make
some cards. I have
been making cards
since I was a little
girl. I use to write
to my grandmother
Elsa who lived in
New York. She
and I wrote to each
other for many years.
Both of us saved
each others letters
and before she passed
away she had sent me
all my little cards,
letters and drawings
back to me. I had
to laugh because
when I was very little
I would write and draw
very very big...and when
I was about age 12 to 14
years old...I wrote so
little that you almost
needed a microscope
to read my handwriting.
Poor Grandma would
write to me and say
please write BIGGER!!!

I wanted to share my
cute little French card
with you all today. I made
this late last night and did
a little sewing on it today!!

I was in France once.....
in "Charles Degaull Airport".
At the time I was living
in England and I wanted
to go visit my sons in New my ex English
husband said to me well
we can save $200.00 by
you flying to France and
then catching another plane
to take you to New Jersey!!
So thats what I did...Ha ha..
I landed at the airport in France
took a bus to the terminal
where I was supposed to wait
a half hour for my next flight
to New Jersey! So I thought
I would go into the little shops
there and every time I would enter
a shop I would hear "Bonjour Madam"
Wow... that sounded GREAT to me since
no one ever said that to me before!!
After half hour of doing that I went
back to the Gate to see if we were taking
off and they would tell me no another half there I would walk around again...
Bonjour Madam!!.......well that continued
for "4" HOURS. Yes I finally got on the plane
flew OVER "England"...ugghh and then
finally landed in Newark, New Jersey.
My Poor sons were waiting all
that time for me...ugghh
I was 6 HOURS late!!!! Yikes!!

I told my ex English husband
that " I Would Never Do That
Again!!! Ha Ha!!!

So "yes" I have been to France
and I have heard "Bonjour Madam"
probably enough times to last my lifetime
now.....but I would still Love to go
to Paris....wouldn't You??

Love and "Bonjour" to All!!!