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Get "Scrappy Happy"!!!

Hello Dear Friends....

I hope your weekend  has been going well
for you so far!!

I wanted to share my latest little creation with you today.
I have been a follower of Diana Trout for awhile now. Diana has a book out called "Journal Spilling" that for those of you who love to journal or always wanted to give it a try, this is the perfect book for you!!   Please take a moment and visit her Blog. at...
Recently Diana gave us a challenge a creative NUDGE if you will, to try creating something from the fabric or paper scraps that we ALL have been I mean collecting....!! The  challenge is to glue the pieces down onto a journal and just play and not be concerned with being exact...which I have a habit of doing too much TWEAKING in my art!!! here is what I call my Scrappy Happy Journal Cover....some of these fabrics are from a baby quilt I made a while ago, I had saved every single scrap even the words on the salvage....I love the one on the lowe…