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Lil Me With Santa!!

Hi Sweet  Friends,

Do you have one of these pictures
of yourself with Santa when you were
young?? What memories can you conjure
up with your photos from the past....?

 This picture was taken of me when
I was living in Miami Fla. I think
I was around 6 years old here..
many moons ago! :)

My mother had a very vivid imagination
and would tell me all about Santa and his
elves. I truly believed in Jolly old
St. Nicholas back then. I always had a
few things I wanted to tell him like I had
been a good girl all year and that I wanted a certain
doll or toy or game. I remember one year
I received a toy dishes set with small size
silver ware to match. I had a small square
table in my bedroom and I would arrange
all my little chairs around it with all my dolls
sitting there waiting to be served.
Our last Christmas in Florida I received
The Three Bears....they came in a cute
card board house...Papa bear was about
three feet high and Mama bear a bit smaller
an baby bear was so cute. I loved tho…