Sunday, June 6, 2010

"All Friends Are Priceless."....Items from my Swap Friend!!

Last month I joined my first Swap. Linda from a "Swap for All Seasons" puts together great swaps for each season. We are given a swap buddy and then we contact our buddy to find out from each other our
favorite color, our hobbies and things we love. My swap buddy was Mary from JMP Pastimes. I could
not have been given a better buddy! Mary picked out such wonderful gifts for me and each one is a treasure I will cherish forever, she even gave me some extra goodies!!  Mary's husband also spoiled me rotten and gave me a gift too.

So here are some pictures of what my wonderful Buddy Mary sent to me and pictures of goofy me!!! 

My Somthing new....Mmmm what could it be??

My Somethig New.... Is a Handmade Pin Cushion made by Mary just for me!!
I had been searching for an unusual pin cushion for sometime....well my hunt is over....This beautiful Pear is made beautifully. LOVE IT!!!
Somethig Old.... is a lovely silver napkin ring with a silver bow and tucked in the middle was a gorgeous crochet doily. So pretty!!
Something Borrowed.... is this lovely Vintage Thread Spool in which Mary wrapped some beautiful lace around and pinned a Lovely Pink Brooch onto it.      Absolutely charming!!!
Something Blue..... are six vintage wooden thread spools in different gorgeous shades of blue.

They are so beautiful!!
In our Swap we were told to find a Vintage Wedding Photo and this was the photo that Mary gave to me. I have to tell you that this picture is absolutely gorgeous the picture here does not do it justice. The Bride is beautiful and the dress is spectacular!!! Mary added some yummy vinatge lace to the
bottom as well.

Mary's husband heard that I love the ocean and gave me a beautilful fishermans "Float" from his own collection.  The float is nestled in some shredded vintage sheet music and sits in a beautiful glass and silver bowl. It really touched my heart that her hubby would give me something from his collection.
Thank you kind sir so very much.

I will treaure it forever!!!
Along with my extra goodies Mary gave me this cute little sewing kit in a Tin!!

Too cute!!!
During the unwrapping  of my swap gifts I kept smelling a wonderful scent and at the bottom of the box I found sweetly wrapped  was this wonderful Soap made in Italy!!
The smell is take a whif!!  :D
My dear swap buddy also gave me some extra goodies,  here she picked out three of my favorite seed packets. Bahchelor's Button, Sweet Pea and Morning Glories!

How Sweet is that!!!
Here again is the fishing float from Mary's husband, I have to share something with you....the funny part about it is that I  have the same cut glass bowl with the silver bottom, displayed in my china cabinet, although mine holds a round green candle instead! I thought it was such a coincidence that they were so similar to oneanother that I had to take a picture of them side by side. I think it means that
Mary and I were meant to be swap buddies don't you?? :D

This is the card from my Sweet Swap Buddy Mary.
Oh yes and the scarf  I have over my shoulder is also a gift from my Buddy!!!

Mary you SPOILED me rotten!! Each gift from you was so Thoughtful and Lovely!! A Million Thank You's could never be enough to tell you how thrilled you made me!! You are such a lovely lady and your husband was so very thoughtful indeed!! Thank you!!!!!!

May God Bless both You and your Husband.

Love and Happiness always,