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My Crazy Quilt purse and Flowers....

Hi Friends,

I wanted to show you the progress I am making with my crazy quilt accessory purse I am making with the class at Artful Gathering this summer.

I attached the clasp with beads, but still have to do
the back of the clasp. I love that I added the beaded
fringe on the bottom of the bag. It matches so well!

This is the first time I ever made anything like this.
I was a bit nervous about making this, but glad I pushed
myself to take on the challenge.
 I will also add a silver chain at the top of the clasp, as ther are two little holes on either side for that purpose.

I took some closeup shots of the floral arrangement my family had sent to me.

 I loved how the dappled light of the sun shown through the blinds upon the flowers and leaves.

Nature is a symphony directed by it's creator.

I wish you All a wonderful day with Love and Kindness
Susan xxoo