Friday, January 6, 2012

Hand made Treasures from the Past and Gifts of the Present....

Happy 2012 Everyone!!

I thought I would share
some pictures with you
today of a few items which
I have purchased and have

The little dress here is going to my newest
grand daughter. Amy is three months old now.
Babies grow so very quickly don't they? I am saving
this little dress for her so when she is a bit bigger
I will give this to her. I bought the dress at the
Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain this past
September. I just fell in love with it!! I think you
will probably agree that it is adorable!!

This is one of the tables in my craft room
where I lay out my cloth, laces, buttons
and make something magical!
I have just completed an ATC for the
Blissful ATC swap.
Our theme for January is "Jane Austen"!! 
There is something comforting about old crochet
pieces that I love. Last year I came across a bag
full of pieces of discarded tatting and fine crochet
bits. Some were not finished...but the expertise of
workmanship was obvious. I wonder who she was
and what her life was like...Do you ever wonder too when you find these lovely pieces of art, that were so painstakingly created, who made them and where they were made? Buying things in Antique shops I realize they have come from all over the country. It amazes me and humbles me. I am grateful to be the
owner of such beauty and I do treasure these tid bits
of history and honor the loving hands that made them.

Beauty is found in the hand made
items of the past....for they speak of
loving hands that once were here...
I found this sweet hat box also at the Country Living Fair last year. I love the way the top is covered from the piece of a vintage crazy quilt!! The rest of the  hat box is covered with burlap...Look at the antique glass buttons..are they not lovely??

These lovely earrings are from my friend Cindy Adkins.
Cindy who is a writer wrote the book "Angels at My Door".
You may purchase her E-book on Amazon. I even have
a story in it too!!  Thank you dear Cindy for this precious
gift of friendship!

Here is my sweet Little Miss Daisy.....The beautiful
Crochet item is made by my dear friend Marilyn.
Marilyn makes beautiful cards and also crochets beautiful prayer shawls. Marilyn made this lovely
cream and pink prayer shawl for me!! Thank you
sweet friend!

Wishing You All a Wonderful 2012!

Love and Blessings,

Susan and Miss Daisy xxoo