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"The Victorian Shoppe's" ......Grand Opening"....come visit me!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I am soooo excited I want to tell you about a new shop that my friend Marilyn Anderson and I have opened up on Facebook today.
We have named it...
"The Victorian Shoppe"
We are selling items
with a Victorian look
or theme to them either                                           
handmade or purchased.
They can be new or

"Ocean Waves" cuff with
velvet and lace.
We have some items listed         
already, so come take a stroll
over to Facebook and
type in " The Victorian
Shoppe". All are welcome to come           
and visit and you may also
post "Your" items for sale as well.
The more the merrier..right?

Please come visit and             
say hello. We would be
so happy to see you!!

Here are a couple of items I have listed in The Victorian
Shoppe so far.....

Enjoy a wonderful weekend and may God Bless you ALL!!!

Susan                                                                                            xxoo