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A Victorian Times Journal Cover....

Hi Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well on this day.

I have been working on a journal cover
lately and so far very pleased with the way
it is turning out. I am so very fond of the
romantic side of the Victorian era as well
as the many vibrant colors of that period.
If you research the Victorian homes of the
day you will find they would paint their
homes inside and out vibrant gorgeous
colors. One of my favorite style of homes
were the ones with gabled roofs, ginger
bread carvings of intricate detail. A victorian
home on the outside could be painted with
three or more different colors.

My journal cover emulates the vibrant
colors of the Victorians and celebrates
the beauty in their lives that surrounded
them. Their gardens were also vibrant and
alive with vintage Roses, Lilacs, Foxgloves,
Delphiniums and Poppy's.

Tell me what you love about the
Victorian era.....there is so much
that they contributed to our world
and we still to this day use many of their
decorating and garde…