Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky ATC's!!......Blissfull ATC Swap Theme "Dark"

Howdy Ya'll!!

How is Monday going for all of you?
Whew mine was....well stressful.
I had to handle something very
important on the phone for my
mom today and I'm wiped out,
but it all worked out
now I can come on here and have
some fun!!

Once again I entered the
Blissfull ATC Swap and
this month the theme was
"Dark".....ugghhh I thought
what the heck can I do with
Dark? I had to come up with
something rather scary, evil,
umm well you get the idea.

My wonderful trading partner
was Yvette from "The Charm House".
Yvette has already posted mine so
I thought I would post the one
she made for me and mine too.

I love Yvette's spooky little
house don't you....and the big
moon is great!! Thank you
Yvette so very much!! Love it!!
The idea I had for the ATC I
made for Yvette came from
Savannah, Ga., when my son
Andy and I went there this
past Labor Day. We took a
Hearse Ghost tour ride one
night and turned into where
an old abandoned Hospital
is. The Hospital dates back
to the Civil War. While we
were driving around                                 
the dark and I imagined ghostly
faces might be looking out
of the windows at us. The
image on the ATC is 3D
and if you move it from side
to side it first looks like a
woman and then changes
into a skeleton! BOO!!! HaHa

I am "one" person away from
100 followers and so
once I reach 100 I am
planning a Giveaway!!


Wishing All of you a
Wonderful evening
and a Great week!!

Love and Smiles,