Friday, September 10, 2010

A Pink Murex Shell On Sky Blue Vintage Glass.........

Hello Friends,

Today I want to share with all of
you a wonderful item I purchased
recently from a very sweet lady
who lives here in Georgia. I found her
while strolling through Blogland
one day. Her name is Terri Smith and
she is an extraordinary artist!!
The name of her Blog caught my
eye because it had the word Dragonflies
and anything with or about Dragonflies
is ok with me...I am obsessed over them..
but thats another story....anyway I strolled
through Terri's blog and became instantly
a follower and lover of her art work.
Besides her wonderful paintings she does
is her glass work and this one I fell in love with.
Around the glass at the bottom are the words
Cape May Bitters....Cape May New Jersey
was where my three sons and I would go
every year to play in the ocean and walk
on the boardwalk and go on rides on
three piers. Not only do I love the Cobalt
Blue color and the most perfect Shell on
top but the fact that the bottle came from
a place of such fond memories, well I
had to have it!!!

Please go visit Terri and take a look
at her wonderful paintings and her
gorgeous soldered Art bottles I
know you will fall in love with
her work as well as this sweet
I wish you All a Wonderful Weekend!!

Susan xxoo