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Southern Belle Georgia Bloggers Retreat....November 6th. 2010

Hello Dear Friends,

You all must have thought I
dropped off the radar....well
I have been a Busy Bee lately.

I went to our second Southern
Belle Retreat this past Saturday
and had a wonderful time!!!

I wanted to share with all of
you some pictures of our day
together and also show you
what I had made for my
giveaway gift.

This is Debbie Saenz
opening the gift that I
had brought.

This is Marilyn opening her gift.
                                              This was the gift Marilyn had made to giveaway.
                                                 Isn't this the cutest thing you ever saw. Marilyn
                                               also added a little sign comemorating our day!
 I had painted and decoupaged a cigar box. I thought a Christmas theme
would be nice. I painted the whole thing inside and out and added some
vintage Angel music as well around the sides inside and out.
 Inside the box were a couple of things I made. I made an adorable little
Christmas Fabric B…