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A Cute Potpourri Pod Ornament...

Hi Sweet Friends,

You know the bags of potpourri you can buy
in the stores with all the large pods
and odd wooden pieces....Well
I had an idea!!!!

Why not decorate them for the Holidays!!

This "Pod" for lack of a better word
was from a package of potpourii
I bought last year.   It was already
painted gold and so all I did was take
some moss and evergreen bits from a
New Hampshire Potpourri mix I bought
recently, add a little pine cone, a berry from
a silk floral bouquet, some glitter cause I love
glitter, and last but not least I added this sweet
little gold bird, (that I had stashed away to do
something with...someday!!)
I also made a little hole thru the top to 
pull the ribbon through.


A sweet little ornament to decorate your tree or hang
in front of a window.

Look and see what you may have in your home
that you could recycle into something new and pretty!!

I have some more odd shaped bits from the
potpourri mix and will se…