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Friends from New England..........

Hi Dear Friends....

I hope your Memorial Day was fabulous!!! we had a wonderful time on Saturday with some friends who came down from the Boston MA. area. They came down to see their lovely grand daughter graduate from High School  here in our town of Woodstock. This is me in the middle with Rosie and Doug who are a wonderful couple that a friend of mine introduced us to. They brought something with them for me to try called "Mona Vie".
It is a drink made with a high antioxidant content which has been helping many people with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes....the list goes on. I have been in so much pain with my Fibromyagia, arthrits and this darn old hip I have started taking one of the juices. I am excited about this as it has some great reviews...not to mention Doug who has beat Prostrate cancer while taking the juice!!!!
Mona vie also has a great weight loss plan as I am struggeling with that problem too being on medications including Prednisone.

The "Cow Girl and Indian Maiden" Handbags....

Hi my Sweet Friends,

I wanted to share with you my next
handbag I have made for my booth.

As I mentioned in my last post
I am making handbags to sell
for a wonderful cause.
Many of you know KC Willis
and her wonderful Cow Girl
and American Indian collage's.

A few months ago I started following                                       
KC on Facebook and discovered she
was making trips in her car from Colorad
where she lives to Pine Ridge S. Dakota
to visit the Lakota Indian Reservation.
KC and many of her followers and friends
have been donating their time, resourses
and donations to help the Lokato help
themselves. KC and her husband have
driven thousands of miles with tuck loads
of clothing, house hold items, food. Just
about anything to help these beautiful
people to become self effecient.
Please go to my previous post and click
onto the link to read what KC has been
up to as of late.

I have also donated to her cause and received
a huge amount of material that KC has used
in he…


Whisperings of quite.....

.....of solitude

A place to refresh your soul.....

 Home......where the moonlight plays a tune.....

of peace and serenity...........

         that only your heart can hear.....

            Love and Blessings....


Photos from Pinterest
Canadian house and Home

My Humble Little Booth....

Hi Sweet Friends!!

How are you all doing??? I have
not seen many of you in a long time...
maybe you are on vacation?? Maybe
you are not blogging anymore...or
not as much....well thats me at the
moment. I have not been blogging
near as much as I use to. I thought
I would show you one of my reasons
and that is my humble little booth
has been keeping me pretty busy.

Last weekend my hubby and I did a total
booth makeover. We moved some tables
around and added a shelf or two and well
before we knew it we had been there over
3 hours...tweaking!!  But it did all come together
nicely I do believe.

I share the booth with my girlfriend. We have various tastes and interests which makes for a wide variety and mixture of items that we sell.
I recently completed a "Cow Girl" bag that was inspired by a friend of mine KC Willis. KC has been traveling as of late to the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. she and her husband along with many other folks are contributing their time and res…

Refreshing Your Soul......

Hello Sweet Friends.... Won't you have a spot of tea with me.....
 The birds are wearing their finest attire...

The garden is growing and summer is almost here.....

I wanted to share some photos with you that inspire me...
I hope your day is as sweet as the freshest rose....

Love and Blessings...
Susan xxxooo

"Part 2" ....My visit to the Antique Mall in Phoenix AZ.

Hello sweet friends....

As promised I wanted to share a few more
pictures that I took at the Antique Mall I visited
with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

I just loved these sweet dresses hanging
in the window.....don't you??
I remember wearing one like the dress
on the right when I was young. I always
loved getting new dresses...which my
aunt from NY would send to me or
my grandmother.  I still have a dress
and a pink bathrobe my grandmother
made for me. They are very dear to
my heart. 
Do you still have clothing that your
mom made for you or your grandmother??
Let me know if there are any of you who
have been able to keep these items through
the years. Or maybe have passed them down to your children.

While strolling through the antique mall I found the sweetest flowers attached to a linen curtain.

This rose was actually outside near my in-laws house...I thought you would love to see it!!
Another item that caught my eye was this paper wreath!!!  Isn't it gorgeous??

I lov…

Ruth's Waltz.....

Hi Friends,

As you all know I was visiting family in
Arizona for two weeks recently.
During my visit I was able to go back to
one of my favorite antique malls.
The Merchants Square in Chandler Arizona
has countless booths with everything from
bathing suits made with sea shells to vintage
toy trains and scrumptious booths with items
you wish you had brought a truck to bring them
all back home with you!!!!
One booth in particular drew me in...As I was gazing
longingly at all the wonderful items a lovely lady and I started
to talk and as it turned out she was the owner of this lovely booth.
 As we chatted with one another we found we shared some places in common where we use to live in N.J.  I asked Ruth if she would mind if I took some pictures of her booth and if she would allow me to do a post about her and her lovely booth.  Ruth was most gracious and accepted my offer. Yay!!

The soft lamp light Ruth uses in her booth makes for a delightful and soothing stroll through the lovely it…

My Phoenix Arizona trip....

Hi sweet friends,

I returned from Arizona this past Monday and
so I am posting some pictures of my visit with you.

I stayed with my husbands Mom and Dad in Phoenix AZ. Mom and Dad bought a home right on the golf course just a few months ago after selling their home in Colorado. Dad plays golf about three times a week and is happy as a clam....did you ever wonder how happy a clam could be? Lol
 Can you believe there is a doves nest up in this Palm tree? Well there is. Mr and Mrs Dove wove some palm fronds and have quite a high rise condo up there!! I have never seen baby Doves before have you??

This is Mom and Dads backyard!! every morning I would take my coffee and sit here in the chaise lounge and...just relax...Ahhhh!

This is Mom and I getting ready to leave for a ladies luncheon!!  The weather was just perfect!!

 Here I am at the pool....This is the "cold "pool" felt good though!!!

 I wanted to be there for Mom's birthday again this year. Mom made a homema…