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My Artful Gathering Book Pages...So far!!

Hello Dear Friends!!
Hope all of you are enjoying your summer dispite the very hot temps and drought, and fires...geez it's been quite a summer huh??
What have I been up to you may ask??
Well I joined The Artfull Gathering online classes for 6 weeks and I joined Nancy Maxwell's class. We are to construct a book with 5x7 canvas boards and also a keepsake box to decorate that will hold the book we are making. I decided to make my book into a Heritage book with pictures of my Grt. grandparents from Germany, Scotland and Ireland. I am designing a two page spread for each family.
The first page is of my Grt. Grand mother Johanna circa 1881. The original picture was both her Johanna and Charles in the same picture with Johanna's right arm leaning on Charles' left shoulder. I copied them onto matte photo paper, used some pencil crayons to give them some color, as well as their background. From their shoulders to their heads I put some dimensional foam backing behind them so they are raised up from the pape…

Lets take a walk.....

How are all my friends?

I was wondering if you would like to
take a walk with lets go

Maybe we could go for a nice walk here......

Or maybe we could go for a cup of coffee.....

Or a cup of...........

Or I know we could go to .......

                                                              or just window shop.....

Maybe we could just come over to my house and make something lovely!!!

So let me know ok?    Anything you would like to do I would love to do with You!!

Hugs, Happiness and Love Always......


Trip to Tybee Island and Savannah Ga.

Hi Sweet Friends,

I have to apologize for being absent
lately from my blog and visiting with you all.

I was put on some new meds and for
a couple of weeks I have felt like crap!!! I was put on Cymbalta for
my fibro...ughhh it was so bad...I felt like my head weighed 100lbs. my mood shifted to feeling depressed
and I could not concentrate on anything. So needless to say I just stopped taking them. I have not told my Dr. yet and have
an appointment in less than two weeks.
The only thing it was good for was my
foot that has the RSDS problem...alot
less pain and tingling, but that was the
only bennefit from it.

Also my 91 yr old Mom is having
problems with her legs now and
needs more care too. So we both have
been rather down lately!                                        

The good news is my husband whisked
me away over the 4th of July weekend
and we had a blast.

A little beachy fun....the Dolphins came
to say hi and swam very close to us...I love them soooo much!!! My husbands left knee and my rig…

Wishing America a Happy Fourth Of July!!!!

Happy Independence Day to All!!! 1776~2011
May Gods Blessings abide with us All!!

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