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Help....I'm Addicted To Chalk Paint.........

Hi Sweeties!!!!

I hope your day is going well for you!!

So I have a new Love.....Chalk Paint!!!

Have your heard of Anni Sloan chalk
paint? Well I found some in one of
my favorite Antique malls. 
I became smitten immediately!
The fun part was you could buy
samples to try it out. I bought two is called Aubusson Blue
and the other is Chateau Grey.
The grey is not really a
reminds me of the Italian villas
that with time the grey turns
a bit green from moisture..
so lovely! 

The large silver plate tray was painted in both the blue and the grey.
I also added a stenciled bird in the middle using the Aubusson Blue.
Both the tray and the stand are sold together in my booth.

This little tray I found in
an estate sale,  it also
had  no chance of
escaping the chalk paint
I had also bought
this old fork at the estate sale
which was really really
I cleaned it up a bit and
thought it would go so well
with the tray....I curled the
fork tines and stuck a  cork
on i…