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"Part 2" ....My visit to the Antique Mall in Phoenix AZ.

Hello sweet friends....

As promised I wanted to share a few more
pictures that I took at the Antique Mall I visited
with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

I just loved these sweet dresses hanging
in the window.....don't you??
I remember wearing one like the dress
on the right when I was young. I always
loved getting new dresses...which my
aunt from NY would send to me or
my grandmother.  I still have a dress
and a pink bathrobe my grandmother
made for me. They are very dear to
my heart. 
Do you still have clothing that your
mom made for you or your grandmother??
Let me know if there are any of you who
have been able to keep these items through
the years. Or maybe have passed them down to your children.

While strolling through the antique mall I found the sweetest flowers attached to a linen curtain.

This rose was actually outside near my in-laws house...I thought you would love to see it!!
Another item that caught my eye was this paper wreath!!!  Isn't it gorgeous??

I lov…