Once upon a time in my garden in England....

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I wanted to share with you my friends a picture I took a few years ago when I lived in England. I had a green house and these lovely lillies would hibernate every winter and come spring they would start sprouting up through the soil in their pots and welcome Spring time back again.
I would sit there on my bench with comfy pillows and read a book,
or just sit and soak up the peacefulness in my little oasis that I had created for myself.

Delight in the day the Lord has given you!!



  1. A beautiful picture and such a nice memory!

  2. Hi Susan, Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog & for leaving me such a sweet comment! Your's is simply lovely and I enjoy dropping in to see what loveliness you have added. I hope that will send me a pics of something you create using any of the images. I would love to feature them on my blog! Also, if it is okay with you I would love to put a pic and link on my blog sidebar featuring...Your blog....Please get back to me and let me know! Blessings, Julie

  3. Hey girlfriend - I am your newest follower! (Actually - I thought I already was a follower - but, now I am for sure!)

    I love your story about living in England - visiting there was one of my best vacations ever! Would so love to go back!

    Thanks for visiting me earlier - you know - I was pretty blubbery by the time I finished that posting also. Really pulls at my heartstrings.

    I will be here more often now that I am a BIGTIME follower!

    Hugs to you dear friend-

  4. New follower..lucky you!! to have lived in England.. I was born in Italy.. came to calif when I was 4.. been back to Italy a few times after.. never made it to England.. hope to one day soon..have a great weekend!!

  5. Susan
    So sorry I missed your call last night. I wanted to call you about now but not sure if its later or earlier there. How crazy am I not to know that.
    Anyway if you feel like talking give me a call. I miss you...
    Love this picture...I can just imagine how you curled up with a good book in the prefect setting.

  6. I dream of going to England...your oasis is HEAVEN friend!!! Thanks for sharing...
    Happy Weekend,

  7. Susan, I am thrilled you will be able to come to the Southern Belle's spring retreat! I am getting very excited about it. I KNOW you will have a good time and will meet several wonderful bloggers. Think Spring! Blessings to you this coming week...sharon


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