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A Jane Austen Journal......

Hello Dear Friends.

I am so excited to share with you
today a very special journal that I
bought for myself recently for my
birthday. I found one of the sweetest
lady's through Pinterest. Her name is
Jenny and she makes the most amazing
journals I have ever seen!!! Her creativity
is boundless as well as her imagination!!!
Jenny lives in Nottingham, England and
finds and collects the most amazing
ephemera, papers, and any number of
found objects to interweave into her
extraordinary journals.
Jenny also makes wonderful tutorials on
U-Tube via her blog.
Pictured here is my very special Jane Austen
journal that I simply adore. Jenny also made
a little mini journal which is a gift when you buy
one of her other journals. I am filling the mini journal
with poems, dreams and music that I love.
Jenny also tucked inside some writing prompts to accompany
my Jane Austen Journal as well. I have always loved to write but
for quite a few years I had stopped...until now. :)
Upon meeting Jenny…