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The Goat Farm

Hi Sweet Friends.....Hope you all are staying cool!!! Down here in Georgia we have been sweltering in the Hotlanta temps!!! My friend JoAnn and I visited  a place called the "Goat Farm" on Saturday. We spent couple of hours walking around looking at all the diffferent vendors. The temps reached 106 and needless to say it was way tooo hot to stay outside for too long. A "metal" Goat family........Lol :) Where are the real "Goats"....??

I thought you would like to take a stroll and look through some of the photos I took while we were visting the "Goat farm"!!

Love the Cowboy boots!!!

This was such a pretty booth.....

Ummmm still looking for the Goat farm....

No Goats here!!!
There were many of these old abandoned warehouse type structures scattered around the area. I am not sure why they called it a "Goat farm"....I am sure the farm is here somewhere...but darned if I can spot it!!

 I love the twin chairs...don't you??
Did you see …