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"Evening Flight"

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Hello Blogging Buddys,

I wanted to show you my second ATC I made recently for my friend
Jan over at "Laughing Dog Arts". I found out that Jan likes to trade ATC's and so I asked her if she would like to do a Swap and she said yes!! So
I made her this one. I call it "Evening Flight"....I had this little scrap of a butterfly I found somewhere and part of the right wing was not even there and I kept it for a long time thinking well one day I will use it in while I was hunting through my stash I found this little guy and I also had a scrap of a flower too that went with it. So I got out my paints and just started painting. I glued the butterfly on the edge and instead of gluing the little paper flower on I painted what the flower looked like on the bottom. Jan has already recieved it and loved it, so I felt it was ok to show it to the rest of you now!! Hope you like it too!! When I get the ATC that Jan made …