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Hey....You're looking mighty cute! Wanna go get a Hamburger?

Hi Sweeties!!

Here is the newest picture of little
Miss Daisy! She loves to look at
herself in the mirror. Daisy use to
box with the kitty in the mirror
but these days she just sits there
and looks at herself for a bit.
Oh and yes Miss Daisy eats

My family lives up in New Jersey
and I am praying that they and everyone
else will heed the warnings and keep safe!
My oldest son and friends were going for
a week to the Jersey shore and had been planning
this trip for months. Well mother nature has
other plans in mind so not much to do about

Please join me in prayer for everyone on the
eastern seaboard that all will be safe with them and that
Irene will dissipate and if there has to be damage
that it will be minimal.

Love and Blessings to All