Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Blue Bird, A Pillow and my Love of Little Plates and Old Buttons.......

 Dear Friends,

I have been busy making
a "Mug Mat" this week.
I entered a swap over
at Donna's Blog!
Please click onto
the picture on my side
bar for more info!!
There is still time to
join this great swap
which is open till
February 1st.!

As a few of you might know
I love to draw and paint.
I made this little Blue
bird with Oil Pastels
and pencil. I would
like to make a series
of birds for a nature
journal this year.
I will post a different
bird as I go along
throughout the year
to show you my progress.
I am self taught and not
an expert by any means.
I just love doing it thats all.

I also wanted to share
this darling little pillow
with you...(which I did
not make). I found it
at my favorite Antique Mall
and think it is just so adorable!!
Don't you? The key is vintage
as well as the fabrics.

One of my obsessions is collecting
small plates, saucers, etc. I found these
lovely little plates last weekend. The
one with the raised blue flowers is
rather hefty in weight and is felted
on the bottom, it is meant to hold
your jewelry so pretty and both
were only a dollar!!

I also bought the sweet red flower buttons
and a bag of vintage white buttons as well.

What little things do you like to
buy that you can't resist at the
antique shops? Write and tell
me ok??

Blessings for a Lovely

Love to All,