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A Jane Austen Journal......

Hello Dear Friends.

I am so excited to share with you
today a very special journal that I
bought for myself recently for my
birthday. I found one of the sweetest
lady's through Pinterest. Her name is
Jenny and she makes the most amazing
journals I have ever seen!!! Her creativity
is boundless as well as her imagination!!!
Jenny lives in Nottingham, England and
finds and collects the most amazing
ephemera, papers, and any number of
found objects to interweave into her
extraordinary journals.
Jenny also makes wonderful tutorials on
U-Tube via her blog.
Pictured here is my very special Jane Austen
journal that I simply adore. Jenny also made
a little mini journal which is a gift when you buy
one of her other journals. I am filling the mini journal
with poems, dreams and music that I love.
Jenny also tucked inside some writing prompts to accompany
my Jane Austen Journal as well. I have always loved to write but
for quite a few years I had stopped...until now. :)
Upon meeting Jenny…

A Secret Garden Display Purse...

Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you today
a special purse that I have been working
on if you can believe for a couple of
months now. It has been sitting on my
sewing table and I would keep going
back to it and adding bits and pieces
to it.
I have named it after my favorite
book " The Secret Garden". When
I was a young girl I read the Secret
Garden and a part of my life changed
forever when I finished reading it.
I remember while reading it that my
love of gardening all began. I could smell
the soil and the flowers as I read through
the pages and I dreamed of having my
very own garden someday.

I have made this purse for the love
of that wonderful story and the love
I found in gardening throughout my
life. I have made it to hang on a door
or a wall. I think it would be too pretty
to be anything else. Inside the purse
I think secret letters or poems or lists
of your favorite flowers you have grown
would be nice to tuck them in.

If you notice there is a little key...

Les Modes Godey Mini Journals

Hi Sweet Friends,

I have been working on some small journals
lately and wanted to show them to you.

The pictures of the lovely Victorian ladys
in both journals are actually vintage
playing cards. Godey fashions were quite
the fashion in Victorian times.
Godey fashions were not affordable for
everyone. Many women of the time would
purchase Godey catalogs and study the
beautiful dresses and then would make
one similar to the pictures.

In honor of the Godey Fashions I created
two small journal books in which I added
some vintage elements for embellishment.
On the inside covers I used some vintage
wallpaper. I stamped the inside pages with
French words and birds. Added some old
buttons as well. 

How is your day going?? Tell me what you have

been up to.

Wishing you all Peace, Happiness and Joy


Creativity In The Pumpkin Patch........

Hello Sweet Friends....

It has been such a long time
since I have been visiting with all
of you. I have missed you All very

I have been creating some new
and exciting things and can not wait
to share them with you.

This is my newest
creation. It is a sweet little "Pumpkin Pin
Cushion". She is all dressed up to sit happily
near the sewing area or look cute just about
anywhere!!! :) 

This litle item along with many more,
I have been busy creating for my up
and coming "Etsy Shop"!!! Yep I am
going to take the Big step...well for
me it is a very big step!! Gulp....I
have to tell you that I am a bit scared
and very excited at the same time.
I love creating items and sharing
them with others. My dream was
to open up my own shop and so thanks
to the world of Etsy my dream will become
a reality.

I will keep you posted when
my new shop will be opening
so stay tuned!!

Blessings, Love and Happiness....