Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nudge week 3 and....Other Interesting Tid Bits!!

 Hello Dear Friends,

I feel like I have been away a very
long time from All of you!!

What have I been doing??

Taking care of my Mom has
been on the top of the list.
My Mom lives with me and
my hubby and she is 90yrs.
cooking, laundry.....A new
caregiver comes once a week
now to help out with her bathing
etc. So glad we have her!!

A neighbor of ours lost his wife
about a month ago and so my husband
and I visited him and also have bought
a few things from him as he is going to
live in an assisted living home the end of
this week. He is such a lovely man
and so was his wife. Marilyn was a
very crafty lady...ummm his wife
loved to make things and paint
furniture as well!!
I bought a lovely book case with
the fold down glass doors for each
shelf. I will put some pictures up
on my next post.

For your viewing pleasure today
is a journal layout I did for the
Creative Revolutionaries group
I belong to. We had to take some
random pictures and then put them
into a journal and play!!

So here it is ok...I think I
need to do many more to feel comfortable
at it!!

Enjoy Your Day!!!

Love you All!!