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It is a SUNNY SUNDAY today here in Atlanta!! YIPPPEEE!! I am sending SUNNY and WARM wishes for the folks who are not having a SUNNY DAY!!

Here are some things I think that would help a less than sunny day......

1. Play Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver!!!

2. Wear YELLOW....all over!!!

3. SMILE alot and tell silly jokes!!

4. Take out your Paints and paint a BIG SUNSHINE complete with SMILEY FACE and give it to someone that is more Blue than YOU!!

5. Spread SUNSHINE  all over the place and put on a HAPPY FACE!!! Sings  my friend Tony Bennett.

Have a SUPER SUNNY  DAY in your HEART wherever you live and keep WARM and HAPPY!

If ANYONE would  like to post some SUNNY THOUGHTS.....PLEASE DO!!!

God Bless YOU !!