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I am Soooo Excited......Two Shops Want To Sell My Items!!!!

Hi Dear Friends...
I have been quite busy lately...because
I have been making things for a shop here in Georgia and one in Arizona!!
WHOOO HOOO!! Who would have thought...????

I have my favorite shops
and one of them is a great little fabric
shop that I frequent from time to time.                                                                                    Romance in Paris Clutch
This time I had asked her if she had any left over scrap material that she would sell to me...well to my delight she had a whole sack full of gorgeous pieces. I told her that a shop in Arizona liked one of my cuff bracelets I wore and would like to sell some of them for her Tea Room...Whooo Hooo!! Well to make a lobg story short the shop here also wants me to make things to sell in her shop.....I am so delighted so I have been a busy girl getting things made for both shops.                                                                                              I made some cute clutch purses....some cuffs and some s…