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I'm Packing Up All My Cares And Woes.....

Hello Dear Friends,

Well thats it....I'm out'a here.....
Gone in a flash....Adios Amigos,
See ya later.....I'm Leaving on
a Jet Plane....La la la

So you ask where am I going??

Well dear friends I'm leaving
tomorrow morning for
Arizona. I will be visiting my
wonderful in-laws for 8 days.
We have been planning this trip
since last summer.

I was holding my breath because
of my Mom when she fell...but
by the grace of God and all
your prayers Mom is doing really
well. Mom will have plenty
of help too. My poor hubby
can't go because of work.

Ahhh to be spoiled rotten is
a wonderful thing....I love
my in-laws so much and they
love me....tis a rare and
wonderful thing indeed!!
sunshine, swimming pool,
ahhhh...a tan..need a tan

I'm packed and ready!!

I will be in the Pheonix area.
I have never been there before
so should be fun!!

I will take loads of pictures
of...umm... stuff that I!

Love to YOU All!

Ciao Bella