Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Down By the Seashore" A Family Collage....

Hello Dear Friends,

Some of you may recall a post
I did awhile back showing you
a collage I was starting to make
called Down by the Seashore.
Well I finally finished it and
wanted to show it to you.
The two pictures in frames
are my Grandmother Elsa
in 1917 and the picture of the
guys doing a Rockett kick
is my Grandfather August
third in from the right, this
picture also taken in 1917.

The Beauty Queen on the
left is my Aunt Julia.
She grew up in N.Y.C.
and became one of the
dancers with the Gertrude
Hoffman Girls. Julia was
also on Broadway with
the Hoffman girls and
did "A Night in Paris" in
1925. My Aunt Julia
was also a contestant
in many beauty pagents
and this picture of her
was taken when she
was in a  Pagent
in Atlantic City N.J.
in the 1920's. I do
not know if she ever
won any pagents but
"I"  think she was
a "Winner" and gave her
a crown anyway!!

I think this is a nice way to
honor your relatives and keep
their memory alive!!!

Love to All and God Bless You!!