Monday, June 4, 2012

Sprucing up the Booth!!

 Hi Sweeties!!!

How was your weekend?? I hope you
were able to do something enjoyable
and rewarding? Even just relaxing
has it's rewards...You are then energized
to go do something you love to do!! :)
 I brought in some more items for the booth this weekend. I really love the little crochet jacket.  I also added a cute J. Jill skirt as well. Who knows
it may catch someone's eye! :)

The picture of the ocean I just found recently.
It is a signed print painted by a famous artist in Hawaii. I had a hard time parting with it, but
I know someone will enjoy it! My hubby copied a bit of info we found on the artist for whomever purchases the picture. I love knowing the history about the items I sell. I think it lends a more personal touch to the item that the consumer may find interesting.

This sweet mini vanity for a dresser was actually "black" when I found it. I painted it a satin white finish and detressed the relief on the top as well as  the drawer. I also added a felt lining to the bottom of the drawer to protect jewelry, a watch etc.
This wooden boat display shelf I thought was adorable!!...I thought Perhaps would be a great gift for Father's Day!!!  I also found some sweet nautical items to display along with the boat shelf.

So the good news about my hip is I dont need a hip replacement!!  I must go get another MRI though on the 11th.of June with contrast. My Orthopedic Dr. suspects I have a Tendon problem and also a possible tear near the groin area!! So I will hopefully find out next week what all the pain is about!
I really dislike going to Dr's. Ughhh!! 

Hope this finds All of you doing well!!
Please leave me a comment asI appreciate hearing from you all so much!!

Love and Blessings to All,