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Meet Mr Pumpkin.....He Has A Secret Identity......

Good Day To All,

YAY...It's Friday!!!
I have to share with all of you a Cute little fellow who has been quite a Stir in this household recently.
I was busy creating something...not sure exactly what....I knew it had to be orange and cute....well I worked on it went to bed...and woke up to find a very Handsome little fellow sitting on my work table with a big grin and a secret... He told me to Lift off his Hat...I thought it to be a strange request but I thought it wise to help Him out.....
Yes... it was true, He was no mild mannered Pumpkin he had a Mission and He would follow it through till the end.....Yikes underneath His smart little Hat he was
Mr. Pincushion!!!
How clever He thought He was and I have to agree...I thought so too!!!
Happy Warm Hugs to All!!

Happy First Day of Fall!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I have been thinking of Fall and wishing
it would get a little cooler here in Ga.
Another 90 degree day today!
I have been busy gathering up Fall
inspired items for a Fall Swap.
It has been so much fun to go hunting
for special items to put into this basket
for my swap buddy. I can not go into
detail now of course but when she
receives the basket I will post some
pictures for you to see.

I posted this beautiful Game Bird for you
to download. This print is from Dover
so it is royalty free.

I wish you all a wonderful day filled
with every Happiness you can hold...



Votes Appreciated for ATC Holder Challenge....

Happy Wednesday to All,

Hard to believe that September is almost gone now. Down here in Georgia we are still having 90 + Temps...but the leaves are falling and the nights are a bit cooler.
I will enjoy the lower temps whenever they get here!!
I wanted to give my friends of Art of Mine a heads up, If any of you would like to vote and have not yet for
my Artist Trading Card Holder the time is now. The Challenge will be ending tomorrow the 23rd. A big thank you to All who have
voted for mine already!!! Please send your votes to Wendy at
WOW....I have "98" Followers now!!! Well that means a "100 Follower Giveaway " is fast approaching!! Thank you All for all of your love, Support and most of all Friendship. I love each of You and feel so Blessed to have met You here in Blogland.

Love and Blessings and Pass on Big Hugs....


Get "Scrappy Happy"!!!

Hello Dear Friends....

I hope your weekend  has been going well
for you so far!!

I wanted to share my latest little creation with you today.
I have been a follower of Diana Trout for awhile now. Diana has a book out called "Journal Spilling" that for those of you who love to journal or always wanted to give it a try, this is the perfect book for you!!   Please take a moment and visit her Blog. at...
Recently Diana gave us a challenge a creative NUDGE if you will, to try creating something from the fabric or paper scraps that we ALL have been I mean collecting....!! The  challenge is to glue the pieces down onto a journal and just play and not be concerned with being exact...which I have a habit of doing too much TWEAKING in my art!!! here is what I call my Scrappy Happy Journal Cover....some of these fabrics are from a baby quilt I made a while ago, I had saved every single scrap even the words on the salvage....I love the one on the lowe…

Votes needed!! Calling All Followers and Friends Of Art of Mine!!!!

Hi All!!

As most of you know I have a real passion recently
for making ATC's aka "Artist Trading Cards".
Wendy and Debbie over at "Blissfull ATC Swap"
put together a Challenge to make a holder for
all of our lovely ATC's that we are accumulating.
We have now posted pictures of our ATC holders
and we All need votes from all of our Followers
and Friends out here in Blogland!!

I made my ATC Wall Hanging from a vintage
embroidered Linen T Towel. I sewed some very fine
white netting over the top and made a total of 21 pockets.
Along the sides I sewed some French satin
ribbon and some pretty cream and pink trim on the top.
Also I made 4 pretty little tabs on top with more
pink satin ribbon and attached the wall hanging
to the shabby white wire holder.
I thought the netting was great to use for the
pockets as it is very sheer to see through but
sturdy enough to hold the ATC's.

You can see my ATC Wall Hanging

Then if …

September "Leaves" Blissfull ATC Swap and a Blissfull Challenge Vote

Hello My Dear Friends,

I posted the Beautiful ATC that Carol Anne made for me and today she has posted the one I made for now I will show all of you the one I made for Carol Anne.
I tried an experiment with some skeleton leaves I had and wool roving. The leaves are pretty fragile but I thought if I "carefully" felted some wool roving into them that they might stand up to the needle punching, and they did! I also added some Angelina fibers to the wool, each one with a coordinating sparkle of color to each leaf.
I used a gold leaf pen to highlight around the edges of the leaves as well as the edges of the card! Added some beads and viola!!! 
Please go visit The Blissfull ATC site that you will find on my sidebar. We are having an "ATC Holder Challenge". We are all making one of a kind holders for our wonderful ATC's,  the one with the most votes wins the Challenge!! If you like my ATC Holder please put in a vote for mine!!! Thank you!!!
Love to all and Enjoy your Day!!!
Susan xxoo

September....Blissfull ATC Swap "Leaves"...

A Great Monday to All!!
I want to share with all of you what I received today in the mail. The Blissfull ATC Swap theme for September was "Leaves" and my partner this time was Carol Anne of  Carol Anne's Boutique.  The mailing envelope was
the first indication of what loveliness was inside, for it had beautiful Fall leaf stickers surrounding one corner of my name.
Upon opening the envelope inside was this beautiful cellophane envelope with as you can see a lovely Fall flower and Leaf with a sweet tag. The packaging was so beautiful I had a hard time deciding to open it... but of course I had to hold the precious ATC inside.
Isn't this absolutely precious?? Carol-Anne You are Amazing!! Thank you for making this card with so much thoughtfullness and love. I will cherish this sweet little card forever!!

Please go visit this wonderfully creative Lady. at:

I wish you all a Fantastic and Lovely Day!!!

Susan xxoo

A Pink Murex Shell On Sky Blue Vintage Glass.........

Hello Friends,

Today I want to share with all of
you a wonderful item I purchased
recently from a very sweet lady
who lives here in Georgia. I found her
while strolling through Blogland
one day. Her name is Terri Smith and
she is an extraordinary artist!!
The name of her Blog caught my eye because it had the word Dragonflies and anything with or about Dragonflies is ok with me...I am obsessed over them.. but thats another story....anyway I strolled through Terri's blog and became instantly a follower and lover of her art work. Besides her wonderful paintings she does is her glass work and this one I fell in love with. Around the glass at the bottom are the words Cape May Bitters....Cape May New Jersey was where my three sons and I would go every year to play in the ocean and walk on the boardwalk and go on rides on three piers. Not only do I love the Cobalt Blue color and the most perfect Shell on top but the fact that the bottle came from a place of such fond memories, well I had to have i…

My son and I and our little trip to Savannah and Tybee Island....

Hi Friends,
As promised I am posting some more pictures of our time down in Savannah and Tybee Island.
This is my son Andy down by the water front in Savannah.
We checked in and then we headed down by the river.
Savannah has the 4th largest port in America and unlike the other three ports like New York and San Francisco, Savannah's port has plenty of room for growth. There are many nice restaurants down by the river and that night we had some wonderful fish
by the river. After dinner we went on the Ghost tour of Savannah in a lovely black hearse!! Our driver is also a Fireman for Savannah so he had some very interesting tales to tell us!! This is one of the mighty Tug boats that push and pull the huge container ships that go in and out daily throught the Savannah river.       
I think one of the crowning jewels in Savannah has to be her mighty Oak trees complete with Spanish Moss hanging from their limbs. The oldest Oak standing in Savannah is estimated to be around 275 years old. It stands in front of the old hospital that i…

My son Andy and Me...

Hi Friends,

Hope all of you had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!!

My Son Andy and I had a wonderful time visiting
Savannah, Ga. for a few days.
The weather was perfect. Andy had never been to Savannah
before and I enjoyed showing him around. We visited Tybee
Island as well. The waves were a bit higher than usual but
there were no restrictions for swimming. You would never
have known there had been a hurricane that had passed by
hours before. Neither Savannah nor Tybee Island were
affected by it.

We also did one of the Hearse Ghost Tours on Friday evening
which was alot of fun, the seats were a bit uncomfortable but
the tour and guide were very interesting...and yes when we
went to the old abandoned hospital it was pretty creepy
but not a ghost in sight!!

I will post some Savannah pictures tomorrow it's
getting late now.

I love you all and will have to get
caught up with all of your blogs
and see whats new with you all!!

I noticed I have 93 friendly followers
now so you know what t…

I won a lovely Giveaway!!

Hi Friends,

Hope your day is going well for you!!
I wanted to show you what I won a few days ago from sweet Marilyn of "Willow and Figs".

Marilyn makes wonderful fabric collage items and some are these beautiful "Prayer Purses"! I received my Beautiful Prayer Purse today along with some lace to make a strap for it. Marilyn also included a charming little bag to maybe store sunglasses in. Marilyn also makes lovely cards and she gave me two one of which is a gorgeous picture of Pansy' did she know I love them so much? She also  included three cute little tags!!
Thank you Marilyn for your  wonderful Giveaway and your sweet gifts you gave me. Please go visit Marilyn and also her Etsy shop. You will absolutely love the things that she creates!! I will be going on a little mini vacation with my oldest son to wonderful Savannah, GA. Hoping that Earl the Hurricane will stay out to sea!!!
Love you All,