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Another Artist in The Family!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell My husband painted this for me for Mothers Day!!
He knows how much I love the Ocean. This is suppose
to be my favorite place Tybee Island, Ga.
Isn't it beautiful??

Love and Smiles to All,


Happy Birthday to My Son Christopher!!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Christopher is my youngest son and he is 30 years young today!
I can not believe that my "baby" is 30!!
He is a great Dad and these are his two Grandsons
John on the right will be six in July and Kaden on Christophers
lap will be 4 in July! Happy Birthday my sweet son!!
I love you so much!!!!!

Happy Day to All!!!


Working on Something Cute!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Isn't she adorable!!
She is set on a hinge on her hip to bend over to place the hat in the hat box!! My friend Sharon gave us each one at our "Southern Belle Retreat" this past April.
I wanted her to appear she was in her bedroom. I think the pink paper in the background makes great wallpaper and the blue paper on the bottom resembles the floor. I had this very tiny, tiny vintage angel picture for a long time and thought it would make a great little picture on the wall, I just used a thin gold cord so it looks like the picture is hanging on the wall and a small flatback pearl to represent the nail. I am not done with it yet but thought I would share with you all what I have done so far!

God's Blessings to All!!


Island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I have traveled to the Canary Islands a couple of times and will never forget the strange and unique landscape there. The soil is black and course and the sand is also black but of finer grain. The volcano is "sleeping:. We took a bus ride up to the top of Timinfya one day. There is a restaurant on the top and a gift shop too. In the front of the restaurant is a huge round grill and on that grill they cook the fresh fish that is caught that day from the ocean below. The heat from that grill is supplied by the "sleeping volcano" Timinfya!! On September 1st 1730 Timinfya erupted and 21 villages were obliterated, it stopped April16th. 1736, a Spanish priest on the Island recorded it in his journal.  On the road leading to the Volcano on either side are petrified lava fields, no trees, no plants, no bird calls, just the sound of the wind and a few cars that go by.
Closer to the ocean there are towns that have lovely Hotels and wonde…

Lovely Little Girls....Free Vintage Image

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I wanted to share this sweet little post card I have in my collection with all of you today. I am unable to make out the date on the back.

They are the sweetest little girls, don't you think so??

Feel free to copy this image for your collection as well.

If you use this in your art work please send me a picture of your creation...I would love to see what you will do with it!!

Love and Peace to All


Beautiful Fan from a Friend!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell My lovely neighbor and friend next door surprised me the other day with a gift...this beautiful fan was wrapped up carefully and when I opened it I was so pleased in this simply lovely gift of friendship.

Friendship is in the giving of yourself and your appreciation for one another. Take nothing for granted and always show your love to your dear friends...even in the small ways.... simple acts of kindness goes along way. Do something for the people in your life, you may be helping them through a difficult time that day and not even know it!!

Cherish each other!


Riding on the Wind

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell This is one of my favorite photos that I took last year on Tybee Island, Ga.
My husband, step daughter Catherine and I spent sometime at the ocean. My husband was throwing food up to the Seagulls and they were just hovering over his head waiting for the next morsel. I must have taken 20 shots but I love this you see the cloud above reminds me of Angel wings watching over us...Anyway I wanted to share this with all of you today. I always have it on my inspriation wall in my craft room, it makes me remember our great time together and the light and happy day that it was!!

Love, Peace, and Laughter to All!!!


Working On Something "Pretty and Pink"...

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Have not posted in a couple of days and feel guilty....I have some projects going on and this is one that I am working on. I have been doing more painting with shaving cream and this time using my garden stencils, so far I have done this beautiful butterfly a Dragonfly and a humming bird. I use acrylic paints this time a pink and yellow combination to get a two tone quality, this technique with the shaving cream is so much husband is going to wonder where all of his shaving cream has gone off to...the only other male is our kitty cat Sam...Ha ha he has a Lion cut so alot less can see him in all his regalness on my sidebar complete with all of his hair.

I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful day whether it be Sunny or Cloudy there is always room for gratitude,,,,and I am grateful to all of you my dear blogging friends!!

I Love you all!!!


Need a lift!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell A gray day in Atlanta so I thought I would post a beautiful picture from one of my old Victorian magazines.
I love the color pink and really would just love to submerge myself in these gorgeous roses right now!

I love you all...have a Beautiful Day!!!


Mommy and Me.....I Love You Mom!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I just wanted to wish all of my Dear Friends a very

"Happy Mothers Day"!!

My mother is 90 years young now and is a precious lady and has loved me soooo much for soooo long!!!

Yep, this is my Mom with me when I was 16 months old!!

Delight in the Day!!


My First Giveaway Win!!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I am thrilled to share with you dear friends the wonderful Giveaway I won from Rhonda at
Rhonda makes the most gorgeous fabric books and I was blessed to have been one of two winners. There are pages with little sewn in pockets for lace and needles and pins etc. Rhonda also included some precious little tags in some of the pockets, as well as the little bundles of lace.

Please go visit Rhonda, she has wonderful things that she also sells on Etsy.

Thank you Rhonda so much!!

Love is in the simple act of kindness,


Creative Painting on Fabric

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I recently bought a book called "Journal Spilling" by Diana Trout.

If you love making your own journals and just letting loose of all your pent up artistic expression well Diana Trout can teach you how to do it step by step. Letting loose and just creating from your soul is one of the most freeing and rewarding things you can do for yourself.
I had some left over fabric from my Apron that I made for the Southern Belle retreat in April, and so I used some for a project I was doing using acrylic paints, inks and Shaving Cream...Yes, shaving cream is great to incorporate with your paints it makes it creamier and the paint does not dry up as quickly.
Anyway I had some plastic cups and caps filled with different colors of paint and even some India ink left over from another I started to use up the paint onto my fabric with foam brushes. I randomly started to brush the colors on to the fabric till I covered it completely.
I let t…