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Will You Have A HeArt of Mine???? Thank you to All 10 winners!!! xxoo

Hello Dear Friends,

I learned how to make little
crochet hearts yesterday and
I can't remember who had the
tutorial on her blog at the moment.
If anyone remembers who it
was please let me know

As I have been making these lovely
little hearts I thought of an idea.....
Ok so here it is...ready??

The "First 10 Followers" of mine
I will send Each of You one of my little
hearts and also I will include
a mystery gift as well, ok?
Oh and let me know if you
want a "Ribbon Heart" or
a "Yarn Heart" as well!

So all you have to do is
be an "Existing Follower"
of mine and be one of
the "Ten" who write to
me First ok??

Get ready... get set go......;)

Loving thoughts to All!