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Please Welcome Little Miss "Daisy" ......A New Member of the Family!!!!

Hi Dear Friends,
Guess what???
I have a brand new kitty!!!!!

Last night my husband and I took a drive to see a lady about a kitty!! Dottie raises "Persian" kitties and has 6 in her home. Dottie needed to let go of
two of her
was Amber and one was Daisy!
We had seen Amber's photo on
Craigs List and thought she was
the cats meow. Dottie had
raised Amber and Daisy...they are
2 1/2 year old sisters. They
were both in a pen in the livingroom
when we arrived so we could visit
with them. Well Daisy and I hit it off from
the start and I fell for this cute
little ball of fur real hard!

This morning Daisy and I
were playing and so I wanted
to take some pictures to show
you this little cutie pie.

I still miss my Sam so much
he will always live in my heart. I think Sam would have approved of little Miss Daisy...don't you think so too??
Love to you All,
Susan and Daisy!