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A Little Lace Book....Arrives in the Mail!!

Hi Dear Friends,

I recently purchased a very pretty
lace book made by Tina from
Tiny Bear Studio.

A few weeks ago Tina had made
a lovely lace book and before I could
blink it was purchased off her Etsy

I wrote to Tina asking her if she was going
to make anymore little lace books and she
said she would make one special for me!

Upon opening her very sweetly packaged parcel
I was delighted to find my special book. I can't begin to tell you how very special each page is.
Tina is a true artist in so many areas, and her lace
books are no exception. Tina also makes the most
adorable little Bears too! Please visit Tina...You will be very happy that you did!! :)

Each page is so delicate in it's beauty and form.
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