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Whisperings of quite.....

.....of solitude

A place to refresh your soul.....

 Home......where the moonlight plays a tune.....

of peace and serenity...........

         that only your heart can hear.....

            Love and Blessings....


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Canadian house and Home

My Humble Little Booth....

Hi Sweet Friends!!

How are you all doing??? I have
not seen many of you in a long time...
maybe you are on vacation?? Maybe
you are not blogging anymore...or
not as much....well thats me at the
moment. I have not been blogging
near as much as I use to. I thought
I would show you one of my reasons
and that is my humble little booth
has been keeping me pretty busy.

Last weekend my hubby and I did a total
booth makeover. We moved some tables
around and added a shelf or two and well
before we knew it we had been there over
3 hours...tweaking!!  But it did all come together
nicely I do believe.

I share the booth with my girlfriend. We have various tastes and interests which makes for a wide variety and mixture of items that we sell.
I recently completed a "Cow Girl" bag that was inspired by a friend of mine KC Willis. KC has been traveling as of late to the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. she and her husband along with many other folks are contributing their time and res…