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Twice Paying it Forward.......with Love!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I am hoping you are All doing well dear friends!!

Lately I have been busy making another one of my bags for someone who contacted me on  Facebook recently.  She wanted to give her friend one of my bags to help her in her fight with Cancer. I was so honored to make this for her dear friend.

As I sewed each stitch and placed each embellishment on the bag, I prayed that this sweet woman would beat her cancer and once again enjoy her life to the fullest in good Health and Happiness. As many of you know I send part of the money I recieve to go to KC Willis in her journey to help the Lakota Indians on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.
This bag as My friend so eloquently put it is like "Passing it Forward Twice" to help her friend and then also to help the Lakota people.
Do you notice the little hand I attached here.......I attached it to the bag as a symbol of people helping and praying for those who are in matter of the need....That the…