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A Beautiful and Romantic Giveaway....Celebrating 100 Followers

Hello My Dear Friends......
I can not express to all of you how Excited I am to present this "Wonderful 100 Follower Giveaway" to All of You!!! 

I wanted to make something very special to give to YOU and thought about what to make. I know that many of you, like me, love the wonderful Fabric Journals  that are being made and sold.I have drooled over them and have wanted to make one for so long...well my dear friends I MADE ONE!!! This is the first fabric book I have ever made and I think you will Love it as much as I do. First I incorporated fabrics
from England when once upon a time I lived.
I put many elements into this fabric book
that I adore and drool over that I have seen.
There are pockets...filled with wonderful
goodies, vintage lace, vintage buttons, stamps,
vintage cabinet card. The middle section
is a mini sewing station with pockets filled
with sewing notions. Are you DROOLING
This Fabric Journal is almost 7in x 7in of
pure Heaven!! I made a total of 12 pages

Spooky ATC's!!......Blissfull ATC Swap Theme "Dark"

Howdy Ya'll!!

How is Monday going for all of you?
Whew mine was....well stressful. I had to handle something very important on the phone for my mom today and I'm wiped out, but it all worked out now I can come on here and have some fun!!
Once again I entered the
Blissfull ATC Swap and
this month the theme was
"Dark".....ugghhh I thought
what the heck can I do with
Dark? I had to come up with
something rather scary, evil, umm well you get the idea.
My wonderful trading partner was Yvette from "The Charm House". Yvette has already posted mine so I thought I would post the one
she made for me and mine too.

I love Yvette's spooky little house don't you....and the big moon is great!! Thank you Yvette so very much!! Love it!!
The idea I had for the ATC I made for Yvette came from Savannah, Ga., when my son Andy and I went there this past Labor Day. We took a Hearse Ghost tour ride one night and turned into where an old abandoned Hospital is. The Hospital dates back to the…

Nudge week 3 and....Other Interesting Tid Bits!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I feel like I have been away a very
long time from All of you!!
What have I been doing??
Taking care of my Mom has been on the top of the list. My Mom lives with me and my hubby and she is 90yrs.
cooking, laundry.....A new
caregiver comes once a week
now to help out with her bathing
etc. So glad we have her!!

A neighbor of ours lost his wife
about a month ago and so my husband
and I visited him and also have bought
a few things from him as he is going to
live in an assisted living home the end of
this week. He is such a lovely man
and so was his wife. Marilyn was a
very crafty lady...ummm his wife
loved to make things and paint furniture as well!! I bought a lovely book case with the fold down glass doors for each shelf. I will put some pictures up on my next post.
For your viewing pleasure today is a journal layout I did for the Creative Revolutionaries group I belong to. We had to take some random pictures and then put them into a journal and play!!

An Angel From Denmark ....

Hello Dear Friends!!
Hope your Friday is going well for You!!
I want to share with you today a Sweet little Angel that I bought recently for my Granddaughter that will be born the begining of December.
I bought this sweet Angel from a lovely lady and blogging friend from Denmark. Many of
you know Dorthe and love her
already but for those who have
not met her please go visit Dorthe
Her sweet spirit comes out in her
wonderful artistic creations.

I bought this Angel heart for my
dear granddaugher whom I can't
wait to see and hold in another
couple of months.

Dorthe also added a couple of gifts.
Dorthe created a beautiful Tag,
the colors are so pretty...You
may have to enlarge the picture
to see the details in it.
Second is the lovely Driftwood
piece that Dorthe wound some
hand stamped fabric strips around.

Thank you Dorthe for your
kindness and generous spirit
that you show to everyone.

Friendships are Treasures to Warm our Souls

I wish all of You a Happy

Fall Intrigues Basket Swap

Hello All,
I wanted to share with all of you today a recent swap I did with my friend Melinda. I joined Michele's "Fall Intrigue Basket Swap" and I was partnered with Melinda.

We both received our baskets from one another.
This  lovely basket is from
Melinda. It came wrapped
so sweetly as you can see.

Inside the green cellophane was
a Pumpkin Basket filled                                 
with such lovely items.

Melinda gave me a beautiful
metal leaf dish. Some yummy
chocolate almond caramel candy,
Fall and Halloween stickers.
A lovely net ribbon with brown
shabby Roses attached. A package of Cinnamon tea light candles, smells wonderful! Last but not least the most lovely handmade Quilted table topper made for just for me by Melinda. Isn't it

Thank you sweet Melinda for such lovely Fall gifts. You have helped in brightening up our home this fall season with your kindness and generous spirit. Thank you!!
Wishing All of you a splended Fall Day where ever you live!!
Love to All,

Two Beautiful ATC's Between Two Friends!!

Hi Dear Friends,

Hope your Friday is going well for you!!

I wanted to share the newest ATC's my friend Jan and I traded together'
"Autumn Splendor" is the one Jan made for me!!!

                                                                                            This is the one I made for Jan...
                                                                                                        " Blooming Thing"

We seem to make similar ones for each other
everytime we do a trade. We both made one with leaves
and used a Gold leaf pen to outline the edges of the cards.

I think they are so lovely together...don't you think
so too?

I have been busy this week because my husbands
parents were in town and I was the tour guide
for a few days showing them around our area here
in GA. Dad had been here years ago but Mom had
never been to GA. before. We had so much fun!
I will post some pictures tomorrow!
Back to Curves to work off all the great food we had!!