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Patsy Has Some New Booties!!

Hi Dear Friends,

Hoping you are enjoying this
glorious day!!

My Mom who lives with me and hubby
has a Patsy doll. My Mom will be 92 in
February and when she was a little girl
in the 1920's a doll came out called Patsy!
My mother wanted a Patsy doll so much
but never was given one. I remember through
the years my mom would tell me her sad story
how much she had wanted Patsy and that her
friend Norma across the street had one with
lots of clothes. Ahh well years later ummmm like
80 plus years later....I looked up Patsy Dolls and
found a lady who sold them. This little Patsy is a
newer Patsy doll of course but is an authentic
Patsy never the less.  I bought Patsy for my Mom
about 4 years ago. Mom was sooo surprised and
happy to finally have her!!
The little blue coat I made for Patsy about three
years ago with wool felt. I think it came out so cute
for her. My friend Lynn Cliburn from makes beautiful
crochet items which I have bought quite a few
items from…