Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playing with Hearts....Instant Sweetness!

Hi Dear Friends,

I am still crocheting little hearts!

I finally visited a yarn shop here
in my hometown this past
Saturday. It is called the Whole
Nine Yarns!! He he cute name huh?

Anyway I was walking around and
saw this lovely shade of pink
cotton crochet yarn.
If you can see it has little
sparkles mixed in the yarn as well.

I made the heart and thought what
a lovely idea to incorporate it into
jewelry! So I whipped out my
silver necklace chaining and
cut it to a length I would like
to wear it,  attached a silver
rhinestone heart to it and in the middle
added a ribbon rose I made eons

Viola'...Instant sweetness!!

Hope you all are staying warm
and safe!!

Warm Hugs,