A little help from my friends!

I took this picture in Warm Springs, Georgia one summer day and wanted to share it all with you. I think it is one of the sweetest things in nature I have ever seen. Don't you agree??
Happy Spring to All!!



  1. Aw Susan how sweet is this picture. Yes it is the sweetest little spring picture. One little flower peeping through the crack trying to be like its new friends near by. lol
    Honey I so enjoyed your phone call tonight. So much that even though I thought I was dying from exhaustion I had to get up and find out what you had posted. lol
    Are we addicted to blogging or what.
    I suppose its a good thing some one like Verizon keeps me from really going crazy on here by watching my bytes....
    Keep in touch and call me anytime

  2. Oh yes - that is a sweet picture! Warm Springs is a favorite place of mine - went there last year to tour the "Little White House" - I am a huge Elenanor Roosevelt fan -read all the books - love just being there!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying your sweet things. Gosh - you make me blush.



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