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Crazy Quilt Class....

Hi Sweeties!!!        

I hope all of you are doing well!!

I have been very busy lately.
I started a class this week with
Artful Gathering in Pat Winters
class. I am learing how to Crazy
Quilt!!! Yay!! I have always wanted
to learn how to make a crazy quilt
and now I am learning how!!
The pictures here is the front of
what is going to be an Accessory
Case, with clasp. Yesterday I learned
how to piece. I wanted to show you
my results.  The next step is to learn
some of the fancy stitching and embellishing

I am almost done making the 160
"Wish" tags for a wedding thats
coming up at the end of the month.

As some of you know I have started
physical therapy for my hip, leg and
back pain. I go three times a week
for different treatments. Today I
had my third Decompression therapy.
It did not go too well for me this time.
I have to ice my back and take it easy
The mass they found inside my knee
turned out to be a calcification...from
some trauma I must have…