Monday, August 29, 2011

My Keepsake Box for my Heritage Book.....Completed

 Hi friends,

I hope that everyone has been
alright this past weekend with
hurricane Irene causing so much
destruction. My three sons and their
families have been affected by the flooding
and electricity being out. They are all managing
very well though.

I wanted to share my finished keepsake box
with you. I bought an unpainted wooden box
at Michaels. I used a walnut stain with
polyurethane. I added layers to create a beautiful
varnished finish. I stenciled a tree design using
gold stencil paint on the top of the box, and when
dried I added another coat of the stain.

The picture on the lid is a postcard of Wigtownshire, Scotland which is near the village where
where my great grandfather grew up. It is known as a "book" town as there were many bookmaker
shops there years ago.

I tried to give the box a distressed look about it.
Do you see the little owl? I love this little guy
and thought he would go well on the box!
The plain little wooden cross was also perfect
to represent the faith in God my family had to
begin a new life in the "New World" of our
Blessed America.

Inside the box I also painted it and lined it with 
a copy of pages from an old German book and
a map on the inside bottom of the box.
The two pictures of the houses are old family
homes in Germany belonging to both sides
of my mothers parents. the home on the left
was built in the 14th. century and the one
on the right built in 1835.
the front cover of my Heritage book
is shown here with the Scottish tartan.
I represented all three countries where
my people came from inside of the book.
you may scan down to some past posts to take a look at the pages of my relatives from Scotland
Ireland and Germany.

This project was so very enjoyable. I would highly recommend to
anyone to join next July 2012 at the Artful Gathering workshops.
you can click on the Roses on my Table button to learn more!

Next post will be an introduction to a young lady I have
met who lives in England and makes amazing journals!!
So stay tuned!!

Wishing you all Love, Peace and a Creative Happy Soul...