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A Wood and Mica Gothic Cross Frame..

Happy Saturday to All!!

Hubby and I took a class today
with Ken And Jeremy from

We made a wonderful Wood and
Mica Gothic Cross Frame. It took us
a total of three hours to complete
it. Ken and Jeremy have web site
called Vertigo
I have to tell you that Jeremy
and Ken are just awesome guys
and what a treat to be able to
include my husband in my world
of crafts. Larry (second from the
left, and me next to him) created
an awesome frame!!

This is my finished frame...with glue still drying!

We first colored the bare wood frame with Powder Puff
chalk ink!!! Yes Chalk ink...incredible stuff to work with!!

Our class was held at the Altered Angel shop in Alpharetta, GA.
They have such a wonderful inventory of art and scrapbook supplies.
Altered Angel will be moving to a new location soon
actually just a few blocks away. I will be back as there
was way too much to take in, in just one day!!

This is Jeremy who taught the class today!!!
Thank you Jeremy for all y…

New Pictures Of My Grand daughter Amy!!!

Hi Dear Friends....

I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!
I have Brand New photos of my darling Grand daughter little Amy!!! YAY!!!
Amy is 5 months old now. I saw her
when she was just 3 weeks old. My they
get so big!!!! Oh I MISS HER!!!!!!!

Amy is wearing my son's baseball cap....
 Amy and Yoda just hangin out!!!!

Yoda is also pretty good for sucking on!!

Sleep well little Angel....Yoda you keep watch ok?

Hope All of you enjoy a wonderful weekend!!!

Love and Blessings to All,


A Vintage Metal Tray Makeover

Hi Sweet Friends,

I wanted to show you my latest
project that I have been working on!

This vintage tray had been in my
friends garage for awhile and asked me what I thought might give it some
Oomph!!! Is that a word?? Lol...
Well anyway I suggested to her to
paint it aqua!!! I had seen some lovely vintage trays lately painted
this color and suggested to her that
it might be just the thing to give it
some Oomph appeal. The tray
was a lackluster black with a faded bird in the middle. She painted it Aqua but it still needed an added
Oomph to it!  She handed it over to me
and asked me to "Do something with it!!!"

I added some gold leaf where the original
paint had bleeded through the aqua.
I also had some very pretty paper from the
Paper source shop...a lighter shade of aqua
and glued it down onto the tray. I also used
some PVA glue on the top as a sealer and protector.
Viola a pretty Aqua Magnet Tray!!

This tray was meant to
hang on a wall as it has a lovely little hook on the…

A Little Lace Book....Arrives in the Mail!!

Hi Dear Friends,

I recently purchased a very pretty
lace book made by Tina from
Tiny Bear Studio.

A few weeks ago Tina had made
a lovely lace book and before I could
blink it was purchased off her Etsy

I wrote to Tina asking her if she was going
to make anymore little lace books and she
said she would make one special for me!

Upon opening her very sweetly packaged parcel
I was delighted to find my special book. I can't begin to tell you how very special each page is.
Tina is a true artist in so many areas, and her lace
books are no exception. Tina also makes the most
adorable little Bears too! Please visit Tina...You will be very happy that you did!! :)

Each page is so delicate in it's beauty and form.
I am still having pain issues in my right hip. I visited my Dr. this past Monday. She gave me another cortisone shot and wrote an order to have an MRI.
My appointment will be on April 3rd. She gave me some heavy duty pain patches...that m…

Happy First Day of Spriing!!!!!!

Hi Sweet Friends...

Yay!!! Lets welcome Spring time with
open arms!! I am sure we are all ready
for springtime!! I know I am!

I wanted to share with All of you some of the items
I have added to my booth recently.

I thought the Herb plant stakes would be a great
item to herald in spring time planting. Don't you?

 How about a sweet little birdie house for
your kitchen or mantle??  Isn't this little
enamel bird the cutest thing? I found them recently
being sold in a set of 5. They are actually magnets,
but I saw other possibilities!!

This little bird house sits atop a crystal candle holder!!! How "chic' is that!! Lol!!!

Let me introduce you too little Miss "Pinky Bunny"!! These are my adorable "Bunny Easter Jars"!! I came up with this idea when I found these cute little stuffed bunnies recently at a flea market for a whopping $1.00 each!!! I brought them home and sat them on my mason jars on my craft table and every time I looked at them they just …

My Irish Heritage.......

Top O' the Mornin To Ye....

I'de like to wish you All a very
Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I am proud to say that I am 1/2 Irish
on my fathers side of the family.
My fathers mothers family came from
northern Ireland and ventured
across the Atlantic to America in
the 1800's.

This collage page you see here
is actually a piece I did with the "Artfull
Gathering" class I was in with Nancy
James Maxwell last summer. We were
to create a book and a keepsake box
to keep the finished book in.

This lovely young lady was my fathers
sister, my Aunt Julia. The little line across
her forehead is actually a little curl she
would do with her hair. This picture of her
was from a newspaper article for a beauty
contest for "Miss Bronx"!! Julia entered many
beauty contests and eventually became a dancer
in New York City with the Gertrude Hoffman
dancers and danced on Broadway. In 1925
after a show they did called "A Night in Paris",
the whole dancing troupe boarded a …

Lets Take A Walk...........

Hello Sweet Friends.....

I was wondering if you would like to take a
walk with me's such a beautiful
spring day.  The temperature is perfect....
I have my comfy shoes on...looks like you do too!

 Look how beautiful the flowers are...

They are so lovely!!
 They remind me of happy children opening wide there arms and taking in all that life has to offer...

Sunshine...warmth.....just what we
 Look closely....nature is wearing it's finery. Delighting the senses and beckoning us on...
to explore further...Lets go!
 A garden walk is just what we needed to refresh our minds, body and soul...don't you agree!!
I think the Red Bud trees will be in full bloom
very soon!!! I think it's funny to call them Red Buds...when they are purple...oh well, pretty just the same!

Thank you for coming with me on my walk today....
Lets do this again very soon.....A cup of tea would be
really nice about now...don't you think so?

Blessings Always,


A Victorian Times Journal Cover....

Hi Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well on this day.

I have been working on a journal cover
lately and so far very pleased with the way
it is turning out. I am so very fond of the
romantic side of the Victorian era as well
as the many vibrant colors of that period.
If you research the Victorian homes of the
day you will find they would paint their
homes inside and out vibrant gorgeous
colors. One of my favorite style of homes
were the ones with gabled roofs, ginger
bread carvings of intricate detail. A victorian
home on the outside could be painted with
three or more different colors.

My journal cover emulates the vibrant
colors of the Victorians and celebrates
the beauty in their lives that surrounded
them. Their gardens were also vibrant and
alive with vintage Roses, Lilacs, Foxgloves,
Delphiniums and Poppy's.

Tell me what you love about the
Victorian era.....there is so much
that they contributed to our world
and we still to this day use many of their
decorating and garde…