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Happy Birthday to my son Andy today!!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell It is hard to believe my son has turned 33yrs. old today!!
WOW....I am so proud of him and his wife Dawn. At the moment they
are waiting to hear news that they will soon be adopting a baby. It has been a long process for them and I can't wait to be a grandma again soon.
Andy is my oldest son, my middle son is Eddie who will be 32 this year and Christopher will be 30. Time goes by too fast.

Love to All,


Birds Of A Feather

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Creativity is welling up inside of me today...and the sweet birds singing this morning prompted me to make something in their honor.

Sweet melodious songs in the early morning mist...I awaken and listen for I know l will never hear this song....quite the same way again.

Happiness in the simple beauty around us,