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Family photos and MRI results.....:)

I thought I would post some pictures
today of my family...

These two little guys are my grandson's
John and Kaden. They recently visited
the Natural History Museum in New York
City with their Dad (my youngest son)
and my daughter-in-law.  John and Kaden
loved their time there!!

A picture of my father!!

This is a picture of me when I was
about three years old!!!

This is my Mom....there is a place called "Gillet Castle" in Old Lyme, Ct. and mom visited it one day with my her Aunt Millie in the early 1940's..
I have started Physical therapy for my hip and leg. I will be going three times a week for three months. I found a group of good Dr.'s here in town. The MRI results came back with tendon adema and also a slight tear in the labrum in my groin area.  It will take awhile to put things right again and I look forward to less pain and enjoying life again!!!
I wish All of you a Wonderful Day!!!
Love and Blessings