Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello Dear Friends...

Hope All of you are doing well
and happy today!!

I am very Happy to announce
my 200th. Follower
Sweet Giveaway
on this 7th. day of
February 2012!!

I never in my wildest dreams
thought "200" plus wonderful
folks would follow me...It
Boggles my mind and humbles
my soul.....I thank Each of You
for bringing Friendship, Love, Joy
and Happiness into my life. My life
is all the more Enriched and Blessed
with each of you in it!!!

So my Lovely Followers I would
like to offer you some items
that I thought you might like.

In honor of Valentines Day
coming up in a few days I
made a beautiful necklace
for YOU. I used one of my
favorite products "Glossy
Accents" to seal the picture
inside the frame..with a hint
of glitter...ohhh soo pretty!
The heart shaped box I painted
in a creamy white...used
some new fabric scrapbook
lining for the inside and added
some lace on the top with a
touch of glitter under the lace.
Accented by a gorgeous pink
flower, hat pin, little pink
rhinestones. I know you
will love it!!


Do you just love Ledger books?
Well I am also giving away a gorgeous
Ledger Book...with a lot of  YUMMY
Ephemera and a Gorgeous Vintage Aqua
Millinery Flower to go with it...so you can
decorate this book to your hearts
content....Wow are you EXCITED??
I am so excited to give these items
away to YOU!!!!

Ok the Rules are Simple.....

If you are a Follower already...or...you
will become a new Follower of
mine just leave me a comment.....
That's It.... Easy Peasy!!!!!

The DEADLINE will be on
FEBRUARY  20th. 2012
at Midnight EST.

My Mom's 92nd. Birthday is on February 20th.
and she will be honored to pick the WINNER
out of the Green Bowl like she has done for
my past Giveaway's!!  Good Luck!!! :)

I Wish All of You A Wonderful
and Blessed Day...

All My Love...

Susan :)